Taglio Slab Vision

Taglio Slabvision Slab Scanner ( Patent Pending! )

Able to scan slabs in 30 seconds

4K High Resolution

75% less space needed than standard Photo Stations

Lighting conditions do not effect the photo during the scanning process

Taglio Cad/Cam software with vein matching included

Able to detect shading issues in ES materials




The system for an automatic highly definite scanning of marble, stone and granite (PATENT PENDING)

SlabVision features an advanced image digitizing technology using a high resolution industrial linear camera and an LED lighting system, which are both specially designed to render the real colors of the material.

The system sets up automatically according to the slab thickness and takes photos which are not affected by the lighting conditions of the surroundings. It is possible to print labels with a bar code that are stuck manually to the slab surface by the operator (manual labelling).

The supply includes a PC for photo display and coding; the system links some general information (material, color, thickness, real and “commercial” dimensions, etc.) to each single photo. Information is stored inside a database.

Two solutions are available: an in-line (SlabVision H) scanner system and an off-line (SlabVision V) scanner system. SlabVision H  is the first and most powerful solution able to scan stone slabs automatically from the line of production while small stone companies that are looking for high quality slabs recording systems can adopt SlabVision V versions