Omag Digitale 5

Omag S.p.A has developed a new and more compact monobloc five-axes CNC bridge saw for the countertop fabrication market called the Digitale 5. The Digitale 5 is Omag’s response to customers who wanted a more compact five-axes machine with all the latest features, including a ½ gas tooling spindle and vacuum manipulator system that arrives ready assembled and is easily installed. Omag agreed to make the more compact Monobloc, but has refused to compromise on the quality of the build.

Nevertheless, Omag is used to making big machines that work to fine tolerances and it did not want to put its name to a machine that failed to live up to that standard. It is the same with the motor at 18kW, and the tilting 3.6m x 2m table that can incline to 85 degrees and carry a load of 1.5 tons.

The familiar Omag FastCut software included with the machine, incorporates Omag Image,

Vein Match, a vacuum lift moves cut material out of the way, milling and routing tools.




5 interpolated axes 


X axis  3600MM


Y axis 2400+400MM

Z axis 400MM


C axis 380 degree rotation 


B axis 0-90 Degree tilt


PC controls console 15”


Tilting table with wood top 2400 x 3600MM


Minimum Blade 14”, Maximum Blade 24”


25 HP (S6) motor with center cooled system with ½ gas thread attachment


Water consumption 30 LT minute 


Compressed Air 6 Bar


Electric Voltage 400V 3 phase/ 50 HZ 


Frontal and rear protection doors/walls


Green Laser cut marks 


Air condition electrical cabinet


UPS/PC protection 


Double joystick 


Automatic lubrication system 


Omag Fast cut 6.2+ Nesting software with Overhead camera and vein match included 


Touch probes for material thickness and blade thickness 


Samr Vacuum lifter system for Digitale Included 


 Installation and Training is included in the sale of the machine