OMAG Blade 5AR

The Omag Blade 5AR is a 5 axis numerical controlled Stone center for architectural and counter top fabrication.  The machine has many options for the operator such as milling, carving, and counter top production. The machine can be equipped with lathe attachment, in and out feed tables as well as a Vacuum lifter for moving cut pieces.  Machine can be built in many custom configurations including dual tables, tables in movement, different physical layout sizes and number of tools in storage.

All of these options with a 2 year warranty at a very affordable price!

Build your Dream machine with us!




Technical Data

The Omag Blade 5AR is one of our most popular machines

Most machines are built to the customers needs

Machine comes with a 40 HP motor with ISO 50 spindle

Machine comes with Automatic Blade and Tool changer

Machine can have a Z axis stroke of 700mm-1.5M

Machine can come with a 18-47″ blade changer

The machine can be configured in numerous ways

Machine can come in single or dual table options

Machine comes with a automatic lubrication system

Machine comes with touch probes for measuring slab thickness, blade diameter, and tool wear

Machine comes with automatic tool changer for blades and other cnc tooling