Dal Prete Super Compact

Water Clarification System

Super Compact is the smallest in terms of scope and size of the full range of Dal Prete compact systems.

For this reason, it is perfect for those who want to start a stone processing business by just installing the machines that are strictly necessary, for example, a ​​bridge saw, manual slab polisher and edge-polisher.


The facility can also quickly and easily make a reserve of water available for any increase in production the company wants to make with the purchase of further machinery. In addition to being recommended as a first step for a new company, this system is ideal for companies wanting to start with a specific production, using one or two work centers that need a lot of water but do not produce large quantities of sludge.


The features that make this system suitable for these situations are the extreme compactness and efficiency of all its components. The square-shaped design maximizes the volume of the decanter, essential for good decantation while minimizing the overall size to allow easy transport in a standard container and installation in cramped environments. Another design choice made to reduce dimensions, unique on the market, was that of placing the sludge homogenization tank within the decanter to render the management of dewatering extremely simple and intuitive. Like our other compact systems, the Super Compact is equipped with a PLC and color touch-screen that allows easy and instinctual control of the whole system.