Dal Prete Mini Compact L 3.0 Premium ( 160 GPM )

MCL 3.0 Premium is a wastewater treatment machine with very high automation and safety properties.

It is the latest evolution of the Mini Compact L machine, with the same base features (production of clarified water and dewatered sludge). MCL 3.0 is also able to handle any ordinary maintenance procedure automatically, thanks to a dedicated software and a new mechanic design. Moreover, most of the manual operations necessary for machine functioning can now be performed automatically; e.g. flocculant powder dosage and storage.

It is the most suitable solution for laboratories and companies that want to reduce manual interventions in the various maintenance operations to the minimum, and want to keep very high safety standards in that minimum. A study has been conducted in order to reduce any accident risk to the minimum, going well beyond legal provisions.

Touch screen dimensions have been increased and every operation has been made simple and immediate, so that operators can better use and understand the machine.


many different solutions have been adopted in order to guarantee first-class quality standards. They are presented on the following pages


Dal Prete Engineering Mini Compact L 3.0 water recycling system 


New touch screen with complete schematic of Plant 


New software for automatic switching on 


New Bigger pump with no lubrication needed 


600 Liter per minute ( 160 Gallons per Minute ) 


New drops collecting device 


New filter press without support 


Systems moveable by forklift from each side 


Automatic Back flushing for dripping tank and feeding pump


Stainless steel flocculant station with mixer and doser pump ( automatic ) 


Automatic filter press washing device 


Filter press AS type and dripping tank in stainless steel with chrome sliding guides 


Automatic Discharge from decanter to sludge tank 


Dumpster for waste mud