Dal Prete Mini Compact-M 2.0 ( 80 GPM )

Water Clarification System ( 80 GPM )

This is the second facility, in order of size, from the Dal Prete range of compact plants and has a production capacity of 300 liters per minute of clarified water. The plant is particularly suitable for those who want to make the jump from craft to industrial production with machinery that requires discrete quantities of clarified water but produces a limited quantity of sludge. The compact size, especially in terms of height, allows installation even in environments with very low ceilings.


The main feature of this system is a 10 cm thick plate which carries all the components for water clarification and sludge dewatering. This means that the system can be fully wired and tested at our production facilities in order to minimize on-site installation procedures, with consequent savings for the end customer.

The plant does not require any foundation work or attachment to the ground and can be placed both indoors and out, having an IP55 protection which guarantees the protection of the electrical components against dust and water. The whole structure is in steel with certified hot zinc galvanization, applied by insertion of the complete system into large plating tanks. The sludge mixing tank, essential for packs of sludge to be adequately dewatered by the filter press, is, in this case, external and equipped with all the sensors necessary for a continuous and optimized management of the filter press.


The plant is shipped in two parts: the cylinder and the platform carrying all the accessories. Everything can be transported by standard gauge in a 20-foot container.




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