Dal Prete Mini Compact-L 2.0 ( 160 GPM )


This is the world’s best selling compact model, having a capacity and features that match the needs of most companies that produce semi-finished products on a industrial level. It is equipped with a filter press with double the production of the Mini Compact M, can dispose of sludge resulting from the cutting of blocks or slabs in series and provides a reserve of water adequate for the future development of the company. At the same time it meets the needs of smaller production facilities with the potential for rapid growth. In this case, its use can be limited to automatic mode at the beginning of each day to dispose of sludge that has deposited in the cone during the night.


The support platform is equal to the Mini Compact M except for the filter press, which holds four more plates for a total of eight plates while doubling the cylinder capacity. As on the previous model, the electrics can accommodate various devices according to the customer’s needs, for example, a compressor, a submerged pump with control float or a coagulant metering station.

The machine works automatically without the assistance of an operator, who merely has to empty the dewatered sludge container when full and perform the maintenance specified in the instruction and maintenance manual.

As for the whole of the COMPACT range, the most curated aspect is reliability, which has to be extremely high, since, as a support machine for all the other equipment, the system must guarantee a continuous flow of clarified water for cooling the various tools and avoid any interruptions in operation.


The plant was designed to fit a standard gauge 20-foot container. The only part that is disassembled for shipping is the cylinder.

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